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“So yea— I use the whole day, every day”

Currently, I am a professor of technology and art education at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, Connecticut. I thoroughly enjoy my job and working with my students. I am also a public artist, with a focus on community engagements and urban landscape development.

My research focuses on self re-engineering. My hypothesis is that we, as human beings, have the capacity to re-engineer ourselves toward a desired outcome. I believe as an adult we can change our physical selves by as much as 30% and our mental range by more that 100%. Therefore, I work with schools to bring an authentic influence to aid children in re-engineering themselves toward an outcome of their choosing.

We know kids are engineered by their environment and economic condition. In order to reach their potential they must align the best trajectory for themselves. My research shows we can provide tools that allow them to understand the power within themselves to engineer change. I work to facilitate this within the lives of kids and their communities.

My art reflects this philosophy of positive change and growth. I have a deep appreciation for family and community, which supports my art and myself personally.

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Naylor/CCSU school ART and WRITING project from IMRP on Vimeo.

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